No one can ever know the whole truth about anything

Anais N.
2 min readOct 22, 2017


Only the truth from their perspective.

This is illustrated by the parable of five blind men walking into an elephant. Each tries to describe what they’ve bumped into.

One blind man feels the side of the elephant. He says :
“An elephant is like a wall.”

Another blind man feels the trunk. He says :
“No, an elephant is like a snake.”

The third blind man feels the leg. He says :
“You’re both wrong, an elephant is like a tree”.

The fourth blind man feels the tusk. He says :
“Sorry, but an elephant is like a spear.”

The fifth blind man feels the tail. He says :
“You’re all wrong, an elephant is like a piece of rope.”

All of the blind men mistake their little bit of truth for the whole truth.

This is what we all do, we can’t help it.

Nobel prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman calls this “framing”. He demonstrates that we can reverse someone’s preference by presenting the same facts in different ways.

What is the context we are speaking into ? What is the context we want to create ? Control the context and you control the choice.

Sources : One Plus One Equals Three : A Masterclass in Creative Thinking, Dave Trott — 2015 — ‎Business & Economics