The right people, in right positions, with the right motivation

When I was a child, my Mum taught me that I should never ever worry about fitting into clothes. Clothes should fit. A few years later, I entered the working world, with that very same idea.

I won’t fit to the job, the job will fit me.

It helped me to save precious times (a lot actually!).

As a job candidate, I tried not to focus (that much) on just getting the job. My ultimate goal was to find out if the job I was exploring would be fine for me. If it was matching with my skills, interests and, moreover, whether if I’b be able to work with the rest of the team.

That day, I must admit the HR who was sitting in front of me was also very helpful. Here’s what makes me think that : during this interview, he “painted the target around the arrow”. This idea is simple and taught at Harvard University by Forrest Glick and the concept is to pick the most talented person you can (the arrow) and then craft the job (the target) around what the candidate does best.

Finding the right people for the job is much more than recruitment. Knowing not just your co-workers skill sets, but also their interests and passion outside of work can make the difference.

Talking about topics besides the job in including hobbies and interests at the bottom of your résumé, is a hook for the interviewer and an easy way to uncover shared interests.

Actually, the very helpful HR I mentioned earlier, was…the Chairman in person : Fred Mouawad, a talented serial entrepreneur, who has a preternatural understanding of modern business.
His priority is to surround himself with “a respectful and safe environment to drive continuous improvement. The importance of the environment is not to be minimalizedhe told Business Insider, in 2014.
In order to run his eight companies, he has “the dual responsibility of incubating a new venture while also overseeing the other companies in the portfolio. […] It’s all about having the right people, in right positions, and with the right motivation to fulfill the organization’s mission and goals”.

Fred Mouawad, also known as “the most interesting businessman in the world”, according to Business Insider, dedicates a lot of time to consolidate employees under one roof, in an effort to build a strong sense of community. He rewards employees in a way that reflected and reinforced the company’s goals.

P.S: I got the job!