What are some awesome tips for developing better self-discipline?

Anais N.
3 min readMar 23, 2017


First, decide exactly what you want to achieve.

Make a plan & List every ideas

Take the time to figure out and write down your true goals, breaking them into smaller goals and performance tasks. Plug them into a timeline and you have a formula for success. Make a step-by-step plan to get you there, this will also boost your efficiency and productivity.

Action-oriented lists

When you make your list, phrase your notes as action-oriented tasks. Don’t just write something like “Get a curvy body shape” or “Improve my French”. Rather, list the steps involved to accomplish this, here’s an example :

Create a timeline for success

At this point, you should have created a long list of ideas, tasks and strategies. Perhaps it’s so long that It boggles your mind. It’s important that you don’t try to implement this list all at once. It will quickly become overwhelming and you’ll have no way gauging which strategies have worked well and which haven’t. You’d better create a timeline to guide you in implementing different strategies.

Introducing individual tasks and efforts in a schedule timeline is your map to success. The incremental efforts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis are the landmarks.

1. Think about the efforts that you can implement in the next week, over the next month, or within the next year.

2. Prioritise the items on your list. Highlight those that you suspect will result in the most profit or that you can execute with a high degree of success.

3. Identify what needs immediate improvement. Focus on tasks that help the process.

4. Separate items that require concerted effort and concentration versus simple tasks that can be implemented easily.

5. Use your calendar to plan out a schedule for implementing your strategies.

6. Plan your timeline with monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. Choose the “bigger picture” strategies for the monthly efforts and the break those down into weekly and daily tasks that will help you to implement the strategies into your life or business.

Set goals

We all intellectually understand the value of setting goals, but few of us ever truly set them. Some of us just don’t set goals at all out of fear of failure or due to laziness. People who make up that goal-setting (plan out goals, write them down and follow them up to be sure they’re executed) are the most successful and highest achieving members of society.

Goals consist of long-term vision combined with short-term motivation. The basic formula for setting a goal is :


An example of this formula :
In the next week (timeframe) + I will go to the gym (performance)
To sculpt my body (results).

Always on track

Finally review your goals and activities on a daily basis. The key to achieving your goals is not just to set them, but also to perform continued goal review on a daily basis to make sure you’re staying on track.