Why do I feel like a failure ? How can I stop feeling this way ?

Many of us are not clear about what we ultimately want. It’s important not to get demoralised by this.

  • Never spend time thinking about your future.
  • Assume that work is what you do, not what you are.
  • Wait for that perfect job that is the answer to everything.
  • Make work and getting job just about the money.
  • Don’t believe that work can be enjoyable.
  • Consider technology as an ennemy.

We should align our work, if we possibly can, to our interests, values and motivations, but the simple truth is that many people do not go through that though process. They end up in work that doesn’t fulfill them and as a result drains energy instead of generating it.

No one can deny that managing change is a difficult, and sometimes painful, task.
It’s complex, can be emotionally draining, involving a range of skills from project planning through to influencing those likely to be affected and ensuring the appropriate actions happen. Difficult though it is, the ability to manage change is one of the critical skills needed here.

I used to consider myself as an underachiever and then I came across something which truly changed my perception of how I see the success and measure my achievements…



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